Kurt Kaindl

Nach der Arbeit. Im Haus von Inge Morath.


2023, Hardcover, Linen
19 x 27 cm, 108 pages
84 b/w illustrations
Edition: 500
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Text: Karl-Markus Gauß
Language: German, English
Design: Studio Fjeld
FOTOHOF edition, Bd.: 359
ISBN: 978-3-903334-59-5

Photographs from the lives and work of Inge Morath and Arthur Miller in Roxbury.

The illustrated book is a detailed photo-artistic description of Inge Morath's private living and working space in her home in Roxbury, Connecticut, USA. The b/w photo reportage follows the tradition of documenting the studios of important artists as an important source of their artistic work.

The book title "After Work" refers to the fact that the photos were mostly taken after she and Inge Morath had worked together on her illustrated books and exhibitions for the Fotohof, and so the traces of the activities are still visible in the pictures, but not the people. The first photos were taken in 1990, the last shortly before the dissolution of her studio in 2018. The retrospective, which is now being published in book form to mark her 100th birthday, is a tribute to this important photographic artist.

Karl-Markus Gauß has already written texts for several books by Inge Morath and he visited her and her husband Arthur Miller in their estate in 1989. From this personal knowledge and experience of the place and his conversations with Inge Morath and Arthur Miller, he has written a text for the book. A short afterword by Kurt Kaindl and Brigitte Blüml-Kaindl explains and illustrates how this photo project came about.

Kurt Kaindl, *1954 in Gmunden, Upper Austria, lives and works in Salzburg.

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