Thomas Freiler

apparate arbeiten / CAMERAS WORK


2012, Softcover, thread-stitched, dust jacket
21.6 x 26.7 cm, 160 pages
∞ Colour illustrations
∞ B/W illustrations
Circulation: 800
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Text: Ruth Horak, Thomas Freiler
Language: German, English
FOTOHOF edition, Bd.: 151
ISBN: 978-3-902675-51-4

A photo book as an experimental arrangement in which the medium provides information about itself and questions photography as a bibliophile object, collection and argumentation. The book approaches photography on the one hand from the side of its scientific prerequisites and apparative constructions and on the other hand with regard to its use and contexts.

Image arrangements and juxtapositions thematise basic photographic parameters or photographic representation in the analogue as well as digital realm, but also conditions and effects of developments and standardisations of photographic technologies on our imaginary image worlds, fed by the images of our diverse photographic apparatuses.
Thomas Freiler born 1962, lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

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